Non-Profit of the Year

Greater Victoria Chamber 2023 Business Awards | Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce


The Non-Profit of the Year Award honours a non-profit organization that works to meet a need in the community; demonstrates how their work benefits the Greater Victoria region as a whole; is able to differentiate themselves from other organizations; and shows consistent evaluation of their impact through both quantitative and qualitative results of their work.


Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Nominee must be an active business located or operating in the Greater Victoria Region
  2. Nominee must be incorporated as a non-profit organization
  3. Nominee does not have to be a member to be nominated, but must be a member to move on in judging
  4. Staff, immediate family, and current Board members of The Chamber are not eligible to be nominated for this award

Two finalists will be announced after the judging period and invited to attend the 2023 Business Awards on 6:00pm, May 4, 2023 where the winner will be announced.

The two finalists will be contacted and filmed for a short video featuring their business that will be presented at the 2023 Business Awards. Ideally the video should feature/highlight the person who will be representing their business at the 2023 Business Awards.

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Criterion Weight
Demonstrates meeting a need in the community 22.5%
Demonstrates how their work benefits larger Greater Victoria region 22.5%
Differentiates itself from other non-profit organizations 22.5%
Strong evaluation of impact and demonstration of qualitative and quantitative results 22.5%
Other noteworthy contributions and accomplishments 10.0%