All complete award applications that meet the specific award criteria and are received by 11:59pm, February 1, 2024 will be passed onto the judging panel for review.  The judging panel is comprised of diverse business leaders from the community. The judges will use their professional experience, knowledge of the business community in Greater Victoria and unique perspectives in deciding which businesses or individuals have shown they deserve to be a finalist in each category. Judges will review each application and rate the business or business person against the provided criteria through a private, online system.

Judging criteria are listed with each category description and all applications are scored based on judging criteria.

As a group, the panel will narrow the nominations to two finalists per award. A sealed final ballot is received from each panel member to determine the winner of each category. The results are not subject to appeal.

With two finalists determined, notification will be sent to all nominees as soon as possible, advising them of their status. 

To avoid any conflicts of interest if a judge or judges' business is nominated for an award, the judge will be recused from judging that award category and will not have access to view the award applications for that award category.  Judges also have the option to identify other conflicts of interest to recuse themselves from judging a specific category.